5 for Five

 Linking up for 5 for Five again - with Jen   and Jessica

1.       Clean front hall closet
2.      Go to Shine Dance Competition to watch my students compete
3.      Clean the fronts of all appliances in our kitchen
4.      Clean/Organize the bookshelf in the dining room.
5.      Clean basement enough so that the gray floor is clear

Ummmm Say what?? I finished my list?  No freaking way lol.  I actually was able to complete a lot of it with my Mom’s help since she was in town until Tuesday morning.  And my loving hubby was awesome in helping to get those things done as well.  Now we are just working on the finishing touches of the house – the photographer is coming on Thursday afternoon and the listing is going up on Friday!!  Fingers crossed that we sell quickly and get what we are asking for the house.

So onto this week’s 5 goals:

1.       Clean cabinet under sink in kitchen – it’s like a dumping ground for cleaning supplies, I’d like it to look nice and organized when people come to our house.
2.      Clean all tables/surfaces in basement area – Also a dumping ground, but mostly for craft supplies lol.
3.      Pack Nora’s bag for when I have the baby – on the the off chance that this little lady arrives before my Mom comes back on the 17th, Nora will be staying with friends of ours.  The way I have been having Braxton hicks lately, I don’t know if Baby A is going to wait for Grandma to get her.e.
4.      Stay up to date with my dayplanner – I find now that I’m on mat leave, I’m forgetting to use it and then I feel very lost not knowing what’s happening when.
5.      Organize TV cabinet – it has glass doors and it doesn’t look very nice at the moment lol.

So there we have it – this week’s 5 goals – which will hopefully All be accomplished, just like last week!

Stay tuned for a recap and some pictures from Shine Dance Competition this weekend.  It was fun, yet stressful but all of my Students did awesomely!  I’m super proud of them.

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  1. Love your goals! I was just talking to my husband about the need to declutter everything! Maybe it's the nice weather that just arrived in the North? I don't know but I am with you for #2 and #5, oh and #1.

    Found you through the linkup and am a new follower!