5 For Five Monday!

 Linking up for 5 for Five again - with Jen   and Jessica

1.       Clean cabinet under sink in kitchen – it was cleaned, I think hubby may have ruined the extreme cleanliness of it this weekend, but it was still done.
2.      Clean all tables/surfaces in basement area – check mark!
3.      Pack Nora’s bag for when I have the baby – I’m giving this one pink because the stuff is in a pile, it’s just not packed in a bag yet lol.
4.      Stay up to date with my dayplanner – and colour coded too YAHOO
5.      Organize TV cabinet – it looks nice!

So not too shabby on last week’s goals – 4.5/5 ain’t too bad lol. 

Onto this week’s loverly goals:

1.       Blog at least 4 times this week.  Last week was awesome, I blogged Monday to Friday and then took the weekend off, I was super proud of myself so I would like to try to keep it up.
2.      Not stray from our meal plan.  I’ve been doing really well with meal planning and keeping on budget for groceries so I would like to be able to stay on track with our meals.
3.      Drink at least 2 cups of water per day (and by cup, I mean the cup with my initials on it that I use to drink water, it holds approx. 16 ounces of water I believe).
4.      Keep the house clean – on the off chance that we have some showings – the house has to be in tip top shape.  Because yes, our house is officially listed now.
5.      Do 1 or 2 crafts this week, I’ve been in a creative funk lately and I think I may help it go away by actually taking time to go do some crafts in my now clean basement lol.

I’m hoping that most of these will be accomplished this week… and maybe there might even be a post about a new baby??  But I’m not holding my breath about that.  With all the due date confusion, who knows when she’s going to arrive, all I know is that I hope it’s soon and that it’s not during Paul’s exams (which are on Friday, Monday and Wednesday lol).  Nothing like some Great Planning on our part lol.

Happy Monday!!

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