Fab Friday!


Fab Friday!

This week has been a very tumultuous week.  Lots of ups and downs, but as it is Fab Friday – I’m going to focus on the ups.

-       We have a place to live at our new destination.  (this one is both an up and down – it’s smaller than what we were expecting to receive – BUT it is a place to live and it’s only for 18 months – we can make things work).
-       Our house is officially listed.  They came and took pictures for the website yesterday and the sign is supposed to be going on our lawn today!!
-       Nora has used the potty twice this week.  Once she asked to use it – once I asked her if she needed to go.  So slowly, we are working on this whole potty training business (but still not pushing it lol).
-       I went for a manicure yesterday.  I had a groupon for a shellac mani and so far I LOVE it.  If you follow me on Instagram (KarenEAnne) you probably saw a picture of it.  It’s a light pink colour called Cake Pop.  Very fitting for me lol.
-       I have a sno cone maker.  It’s a manual one, but still.  It shaves the ice, you add syrup and it’s delicious.  Ice has been a huge pregnancy craving for me and as I get closer and closer to the end – I want it more and more.  I’m eating one right now, and it’s only 10:30am. 
-       Paul had his last class of his UnderGrad career this morning.  I am BEYOND proud of him for all of the work he has done for the past 4 years.  It’s been hard but it has been SO worth it.
-       My Mom is coming out next Wednesday to help with Baby and Nora… assuming Baby A makes her arrival in the near future lol.
-       All of my Records of Employment are now officially in at Service Canada.  I was kind of freaking out earlier this month about this.  I have been on Maternity leave since March 10.  In Canada we get a full year of mat leave and we get paid for it (it’s awesome, I know a lot of other countries don’t have mat leave for that long).  Anyways, they couldn’t do anything with my file because I worked 3 part time jobs to get my 600 qualifying hours and because 2 of my employers had not yet filed my ROE’s, they wouldn’t do anything – so I’ve been getting NO money for the past month, which tightens our purse strings a bit.  We aren’t broke by any means, it’s just frustrating – BUT now they are all in so I should get some money soon and back pay * Fingers Crossed *.
-       My house looks beautiful.  And it makes me afraid to do anything lol, but I love how organized things are now.  You should see my basement lol.

And that is it for my Fabulous Friday – go on and check everyone else’s Fab Fridays out too!!

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  1. A year for maternity leave is pretty awesome! Glad all the paperwork finally got sorted. Now come on baby! ;-) p.s. my husband is addicted to sno cones - we had to institute a no sno cone making while the kidlet is asleep haha