So this past weekend it was a BIG weekend for my dance students.  They were competing in the big competition that comes here once a year from Toronto.  This year was a weird year for us though.  Because of the amount of hours they dance during the week, most dances were put into the “competitive level 2” category.  Which they definitely were not ready for.  There were some dances that competed against other studios who obviously had FAR more training and technique than we did but we held our own and I am BEYOND proud of how well they all did.

Here is how we did:
Wanna Be Startin’ Something Jazz Solo High Gold
Jackson 5 Medley Jazz Duet Gold
Beat It Jazz Duet High Gold
Steel Dream Group Contemporary Gold
Incantation Intermediate Jazz Gold
Eleanor Rigby Intermediate Contemporary Gold

AND my Intermediate dancers got a special Judges Award for Best Dramatic Performance for their dancing in Eleanor Rigby.  I am so proud of them, and the judges said the choreo and costumes were a great fit so I was super proud of myself too lol.

Since I can’t really post pictures of my students on my blog without their permission, the only photo I can post from the weekend is of my and my co-teacher Alicia she took over for me when I started my maternity leave in the middle of March.  This is us posing with the Judges Award

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