5 For Five

 Linking up for 5 for Five again - with Jen   and Jessica

1.       Blog at least 4 times this week. – I managed to squeak in that fourth post on Saturday night from the hospital lol.
2.      Not stray from our meal plan – for the most part we stayed right on track – except for Saturday but I had an excuse for that lol.
3.      Drink at least 2 cups of water per day – I’ve been doing awesome with my water intake the past week.  Even been keeping up with it so far this week as well.
4.      Keep the house clean – we did really well with this one,, as we actually had a house showing on Saturday morning and another on yesterday morning.
5.      Do 1 or 2 crafts this week – Didn’t get any crafting done AT all this week.

So this week’s goals need to be easy for me, I’m still mostly recovering from Baby Girl’s arrival on Saturday.

1.       Keep house clean still.  We have an open house on the weekend and with two kids, I want to stay on top things right from the get-go.
2.      Do newborn photos – we have our picture appointment on Wednesday afternoon and I’m hoping that all will go smoothly with it lol.
3.      Blog 3 times – I’m going easy on myself – I’m already technically a day late with this post, but like I said, I’m going easy on myself, I have a 3 day old baby.
4.      Do Blog Design for KayDee Crafts.  That shouldn’t take too long, in fact, I can probably do that one night (while Lady A is wide awake at 3am and doesn’t want to sleep lol).
5.      Clean out purse.  My purse is jam packed full of crap from when we shoved everything in it to go to the hospital on Sunday.  And I can’t find anything in it lol.  So I want to clean it out, I may also switch up purses for the next little bit.  Nora pretty much has the run of the diaper bag, so I need a place to put some stuff for Annika because she doesn’t really need a full diaper bag.  All I need for her is diapers and wipes right now lol.   And a few changes of outfits lol.

Well, on that note – I must run – a certain little lady needs a diaper change and a feeding.  Here’s hoping she sleeps through the night tonight!!

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