Crazy Saturday

Today was not your typical day.
It started early for me. I woke up at my usual 5am for a quick bathroom break (one of those preggo perks lol). And as I crawled back into bed to try to get at least another hour or so of sleep, I felt it. A real contraction. Not just a Braxton Hicks but a real ow that hurts contraction. I promptly ignored it and went back to sleep lol. And woke up 10 minutes later from another one. I didn't want to get my hopes up so I downloaded a free contraction timing app and timed it. Went back to sleep. Woke up with the next one, timed it and went back to sleep. At 6:15 - my alarm went off. We had a house showing scheduled for 11:30 this morning so I had lots to do. I woke up, and started to clean the upstairs rooms. By 8am, everyone was up and my contractions were worse. By 9am I was on all fours on the bedroom floor trying to rock through my contractions. We called the hospital. They said come get checked out. We left at 10am. Got to the hospital at 10:30. The nurse in triage checked me and I was at 9cm already. 9. Wtf people. That's insane to me. After my next contraction she wheeled me down to a delivery room, Paul (thank goodness) was back from parking the car at this point. Hopped up on the bed. Had a wicked contraction and I told the nurse that I was starting to feel the urge to push. She said go ahead and push if you need to. So I pushed and my water broke. I pushed again and her head appeared. I pushed again and her head crowned. And one more push and she was out!!! My water broke at 11:02 and she was born at 11:08am.
I'm still kind of in shock with how quickly things progressed.
Presenting to you: Annika Elizabeth Michelle!!!
6lbs 15oz

Big sister meeting Annika and giving her an owl stuffy.

Just after she was born 😄

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  1. Instant birth story, lol. You are ON it, lady! :)

    So thrilled for you, and glad for your sake that it was fast. I hope mine is like that!

  2. I guess I should have checked here earlier! She's beautiful :) you're giving me the baby bug. Maybe I can meet her while I'm home.

  3. Congratulations!! Sounds like you could have made it back for the house showing! Haha.

    I love the name :)

  4. Congrats! Crazy birth story!! That's awesome though! :D