Fab Friday!

Fab Friday

Linking up with the Lovely Laura for some Fab Friday Fun!!

-       My Mom is back in town!  YAHOO
-       We have a showing for our house tomorrow morning, I’m pretty excited about this.  It’s our first showing, so we are madly cleaning today but everything will be done by tomorrow morning lol.
-       Mom and I went for a pedicure this afternoon – it was SO relaxing and felt amazing.  I’m also semi-hoping that maybe the foot massage part of it will help speed up labour lol.
-       I’ve been having contractions all week – yes some people would say this isn’t fab – but I’m hoping this means labour will be happening VERY soon.  * Fingers Crossed *
-       My Dad might be coming out here next week too!  Which is awesome.
-       Only 45 days until we move.  EEEEEEE.   We had our planning meeting earlier this week and booked the move and everything.  I can’t really believe how fast things are happening.  But I’m beyond excited to be heading back “home”
-       My sister and I are starting a new blog/shop together – stay tuned for more information about it.

Happy Friday to everyone

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