Day 7: Thing(s) You Are Afraid Of

Linking up for Blog Every Day in May… yes, I am a bit behind in this challenge lol, but can you blame me – I have a 2 week old baby!!

Day 7:  The Thing(s) You’re Most Afraid Of…

I’m afraid of a lot of things actually, one might call me a wuss lol. 

I am afraid of spiders… I absolutely hate them but can’t kill them myself, so I make Paul do it (which sucks when he’s away).

I am afraid of being alone in my house at night.  This probably stems back to my ex breaking into my parents house when I was in the house and me having to call 911.  Probably the scariest day of my life, and now I hate to be alone at night.  The past two nights have been hard for me with hubs being away, I keep all the lights on in the house and listen to music to fall asleep and stay up WAY later than I should because I don’t want to fall asleep for fear of something happening.

I am afraid of someone taking my children.  This is a pretty irrational fear, but I am so afraid of someone kidnapping them.  They are my world and the thought of anything bad happening to them at all, terrifies me.

I am afraid of needles.  I have to lie down to get blood taken, I can’t see the needle or I might faint.  Great news with this one, hubby is also deathly afraid of needles… so I get to be the one with the babies when they get their shots and stuff, SO NOT FUN.

So yea… those are just some of my fears… there are more, but honestly we could be here for HOURS lol.

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  1. I'm not really afraid of spiders.. but I am definitely afraid of bugs in general crawling on me. I'm fine with them outside. But. Don't. Touch. Me.

    Super scary story about your ex.. yikes!!