The Big Move

We are on the move. As with most military families, it is that time for us. Paul finished his four years at the Royal Military College of Canada in May and we have been posted. We are actually pretty excited about this posting as it is taking us back 'home'. We will be back in my hometown where my parents live and we will also only be a 13 hour car ride from his parents.

So if my posts are sporadic, it's because we are a teensy bit busy at the moment lol.

That's us at the house after we locked it up for the last time. That was really rough to do. Our house holds many memories for us, it's where we found out we were going to be parents for the first time. It's also where we raised our first puppy, got married and had baby #2.

I'm definitely going to miss K-town but I am super excited for the next part of our adventure. And as always with the Canadian Military - its never goodbye - it's see you later!!

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