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We are Loving having Daddy back home.  Paul was in the field for a week (and boy it was a long week lol) and he came home Wednesday night,  Nora was very happy to have him back.

I am Losing my mind.  I walk into a room and can’t remember why I went in there in the first place.  Mommy mush brain has taken over my life.

I am Remembering my little babies who are both starting to get so big.  Nora is potty-training now.  WHAT?  When did my little girl get so big? And Miss Annika will be three months old on Saturday.  Time is flying by so fast and I’m remembering every day just how special and precious life can be.

We are Clearing our schedule this weekend to spend time with Paul’s sister Melissa who arrives in town tonight!

I am Picking my battles.  With everyone really.  I’m trying to not be so judgmental and to not fly off the hook everytime I get upset.  It’s hard but I am making progress lol.

Happy Thursday y’all!

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