Hey August, what's up?

Well, well, well, August.. you seem to have snuck up on me oh so quickly.  Seriously though, wasn’t it just June and we were just moving??  No?  Oh, okay.  July was a busy month for us filled with lots of family time, unpacking, organizing and it included a week of girl time.  Lucky Paul had to go do his survival training for a week in July – it happened to be the hottest week we’ve had all summer, poor guy.  All I have to say is I’m glad that I don’t have to do it, I may have been a Girl Scout/Guide growing (both because I lived in the US and Canada lol) but I will not kill an animal to eat it.  So not cool.  And now here we are, the 5th of August already.  We are starting to gear up for fall and fall activities.  Nora has started doing a class on Wednesday mornings called Creative Tots, she absolutely LOVES it and says she’s going to school everytime we go.  Definitely adorable.  And dance classes start in one month!  I’m so pumped for her to have made the cut off this year for dance.  She’s going to be awesome.  Paul and I are also talking about putting her in a gymnastics class too, but until our darn house sells – not gonna happen.  Still waiting for that to sell, we will see what August brings.  Happy last month of Summer y’all!!

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