So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying - So What....

- if my daughter is walking around without pants on. We're potty training and she didn't want to wear her pants.

- if I hate Target in Canada. I know, I know, hear me out though. I will go to Target in the states everyday if I could. Unfortunately, in Canada, it's more expensive, they don't have the same things, and they don't even take Amex. Really???

- if I'm single parenting it for the next 3 weeks. I'll survive. Right?!?!? We made it through one day and one night with no major issues lol.

- if I'm the best wife ever. I bought Paul's Christmas present this morning. And he has NO idea about it. And I'm so excited about this present. He's going to be shocked. And I can't give anymore hints because sometimes he reads this. And I can't tweet about it. But people - this is HUGE!!!

- if I'm almost done all of my Christmas shopping. I only have a few things to pick up and only two people that I have to brainstorm gifts for.

- I forgot to write some posts earlier this week. I had big plans to keep up. Then life got in the way. Oh well. There's always next week lol.

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