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Linking up with the lovely Laura over at The Every Day Joys for Say Hello!
Sooooo….. HELLO!!!

Here are “The Questions” we were asked to answer:

1. What is your morning routine?
         Well, I usually wake up at about 5:30am with Annika for her first feeding of the day, and then we snuggle back into bed until about 7:30am when Nora wakes up and is either already in the bed with me or she crawls into bed with me.  Nora and I head downstairs while Annika keeps snoozing and we have breakfast together.  Nora usually eats berries, cereal and toast.  I have a bagel and either an Iced Tea or a can of Cherry Coke lol. Then I shower (depending on whether or not Annika is still sleeping lol) and get dressed.

2. Are you on Instagram? What is your username? Who are 3 of your fave IGer’s?
         I am on Instagram.  My name is kareneanne.  3 faves?? Oh that’s so hard!!  I love lots of people – but I’d have to go with one of my real life pal’s Brynne (brynne_d),  Chantal from Scattered Seashells (cshels) and Laura from The Every Day Joys (theeverydayjoys) (cuz their kids are just so stinkin’ cute!!!)

3.  Please tell us 1-3 of your daily “must read” bloggers.
         I follow so many on my bloglovin feed but I do have my favourites:
1.     Mrs.K and Captain J – LOVE her blog
2.    ScatteredSeashells – I’m so excited for their big move and I need to hear all the details lol
3.     Chambanachik – she’s cool 

4. Tell us a little bit about you and your family:
         Well, I’m married to a RCAF future ACSO (don’t ask what it stands for – I can never remember the proper term – he will be a navigator), Paul.  We have been married for almost 2 years now but together for 5 years.  We have two daughters – Nora who is almost 2 ½ years old and Annika who is 6 months old.  We also have a labradoodle, Bella who is 3 years old (and is more like a puppy than a grown up dog lol).  We just moved back to my hometown and I am LOVING living near my parents right now (hello – built in babysitting!!).  I am currently still on maternity leave (we get a full year in Canada) but after that is up in March I plan on being a SAHM.  I also sell Stampin’ Up! in my spare time and I LOVE to craft.

5.  What are your favourite holiday traditions?
         My current fave is how we open one present on Christmas Eve and it’s always a pair of pj’s.  We did that in my family growing up and I’m so excited that we are passing that down to our girls.  I also absolutely love the holidays so I’m pretty excited for Christmas this year.  And Nora loves it – every time we see a Christmas tree when we are out shopping she squeals.  It’s awesome.

6.  Tell us one random fact about you.
         I am a candy addict.  I love candy.  Especially Laffy Taffy.  It’s bad people.  Bad.  We bought candy down in the States last week so I could feed my addiction lol.  Also, I puffy heart designing logos and things like that but I don’t think I’m good at it so I get other people to do all of my designs for me lol.

So thanks for stopping by!!  Hope to see you all again soon!!

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  1. Hi!!! Stopping by from the link up :) I also love Laffy Taffy, was totally addicted during my last pregnancy! And totally jealous of your year of maternity leave in Canada! So awesome :) Look forward to getting to know you more :)

  2. Stopping in from Laura's! I am addicted to Candy too! It is so bad. I have 6 cavities- oops! I keep dentists in business :)