Linking up with Randalin and Lindsey again for Currently

This week’s words were: wishing, typing, moving, thinking, laughing

Wishing:  I am wishing that the next three weeks will go by quickly and easily.  Paul is on course right now and away.  So I am left with two little ladies all on my own.  I know I can do it, but with the holidays so close and so many “events” happening, it would be nice to have him here with us.

Typing:  Blog posts that I’m trying to schedule in advance (not totally working out yet but I’m getting there).  And emails.  So many emails to return this week.

Moving:  Towels from the closet upstairs to the one downstairs.  And moving a ton of stuff in our basement, we had a new furnace installed on Tuesday so I had to make sure there was 10 foot radius around their work area.  It is installed (and working fabulously) so now I’m trying to reorganize and get things back in place down there.

Thinking:  About WAY too much to even have time to write it all down.  But at this exact moment, I’m thinking about how I really want a cookie but I don’t want to go downstairs to get it and that it’s really too late to be eating one so I should just drink my water instead.

Laughing:  About how Nora spilled the beans about Paul’s Christmas present.  She and I talk about what we do during the day.  We went to the bookstore to buy a book for him.  We skyped tonight and he asked what she did today – she said “shop, book for Daddy”.  BUSTED.  Oh well, he doesn’t know what book I bought him.  All I can say is I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it on Christmas Day.  I scored major awesome wife points with it.

See you all next week!!

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