Terrible Two's and Teething

Terrible Two’s and Teething

This is my life right now.  Nora is now almost two and a half and we are reaching what some might call the “terrible two’s”.  Now I’m not so sure that’s quite where we are at because on a regular basis she is the sweetest kid around.  But we seem to have picked up some bad habits along the way I’m pretty sure I know exactly who and where they come from but I’m not going to point any fingers quite yet plus I know she probably teaches other children not so great things too, like picking her nose lol.  She has started to grab toys from Annika and get angry with her my sister says this is just a big sister thing, but I don’t remember Danie doing that to me when I was younger lol.  So I’m hoping that this will pass.  Also I’m hoping that the “mommy mommy mommy” phase will pass too.  Anytime I drop her off at dance class or at playgroup, she clings to me and cries when I leave the room, which is SO unlike her but this has been happening since we got back from our vacation, it’s so weird. 

Annika is now 6.5 months old and crawling.  Nothing in my house is safe anymore, she has figured out how to break one of our lights, pull toys out of the shelf and take books off the bookcase, oh and of course, she has found Bella’s food and water dish.  I’m proud that she’s on the go already but I wish my little lady would stay little just a little bit longer.  She is also teething.  Man oh man, I thought Nora was bad, Annika is worse.  Sleeping through the night is now a thing of the past insert sad face here.  I’m lucky if I got 2 hours in row this week, but let’s face it, you can’t get too angry because the poor little thing has a mouthful of teeth trying to pop through, I know how much my mouth hurts when I have tooth pains.

We have survived week 1 of Daddy being away at flight school and he had his first flight on Friday and had a blast he’s doing the ACSO training basically a navigator, for those of you who are somewhat new to my blog.  We are blessed because he is able to come home on the weekends so Nora and Daddy are out shopping together right now while Mommy is making dinner and blogging lol - and Annika is finally sleeping lol.  Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend wherever you may be!!

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  1. We've just hit the terrible twos as well and they are not pretty! My little guy is fine until he gets tired and then look out! I just have to keep reminding myself that it is just a phase and we'll get through it (hopefully soon lol).

  2. Pretty sure the terrible twos hit us at 18 months...maybe 15. LOL

  3. Oh gosh, I hope it gets better with Nora. The twos were a little challenging with Millie, but the threes have been insane!

    And I can't believe Annika is crawling...seems like she was just born!