Linking up with Lindsey from OT and ET and this week her co-host is Colleen of Mommy Panda because Randalin from Harvesting Kale is taking a break (and is on babywatch 2014!!)

watching, saying, losing, admiring, making

Watching... Doctor Who, it's our new obsession in this house.  Also Sherlock.  And THE OLYMPICS!!  Love me some Winter Sports :)

Saying... Annika don't touch that... Annika don't put that in your mouth.  Now that she's on the go ALL THE TIME, we have to watch her like a hawk.  Also on the top of the list is - Nora don't grab your sister by the neck.  Nora has a bad habit of trying to "help" Annika but she grabs her neck instead of her arms.  It's funny but not funny lol.

Losing... my mind.  And my memory.  And my phone.  I can never remember where I put it down and then I realize that the ringer is off because it was naptime or something like that.  It's a bit frustrating lol.

Admiring... my sister's knitting.  I have been wearing my hand knit socks lately.   And they are amazing.  She's really talented.

Making... dayplanner pages, crafts with Nora.  And tomorrow will be Olympic crafts :)  SO EXCITED!!!

Next week's words are: shoveling, ignoring, inhaling, hugging, throwing

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  1. I love, love, love Doctor Who! So much so I found that my toddler is all about it is well. He loves the sound of the TARDIS and loves the opening Theme. We watched Classic Who on NetFlix and Amazon Prime and he loved it.

    I also love Sherlock. Did you see the last episode of season 3? WTF!!! That show has me questioning everything about it all the time. But can't beat the acting.

    I'm behind...behind on Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. But I finished Dexter so that's a plus!

  2. I am also currently loving the Doctor!!!! Sherlock is off the wall.....

  3. Older siblings meaning well but accidentally being kind of violent is the worst. My eldest helps his little brother down from things by pulling him off of them quickly. We're working on it.

  4. Doctor Who, Sherlock and Olympics. Let's just be friends because that's seriously my life right now.

  5. That Benedict Cumberbatch is hot stuff. Maybe we need to retry Sherlock, we watched the first two episodes and checked out... and I'm actually scared to start watching Dr. Who. It's like 400 seasons in now, terrified I'd be hooked and forced to catch up! Worth it though? It seems so many people think so.