Linking up with Randalin over at Harvesting Kale and Lindsey and OT and ET for another round of Currently.  This week's words are: buying, snapping, scoring, struggling, losing

I am BUYING dance costumes right now.  My recital is 30 days away.  So I have now bought my ballet costume (which happens to be an Old Navy dress that's super cute) with matching undies from Victoria Secret and my jazz costume which was a flapper dress from  Our ballet song is Carry On by Fun  and I absolutely love it!! And our jazz dance is to A Little Party Never Killed Nobody by Fergie (from The Great Gatsby!!). 

I am SNAPPING my fingers right now while practicing the above dances.  There are a lot of finger snaps in our jazz dance.  And body snaps.  And I feel SO old because these dances are killing me lol.  I even told Paul tonight that I think I need to start running so I can get my cardio endurance up (and I LOATHE running).

I am SCORING some cool stuff from Swagbucks - seriously - if you don't use it - you need to start.  I just received another $50 Paypal Gift Card.  It's awesome.  And relatively simple to do.

I am STRUGGLING with my memory.  If I don't write things down, I find it super hard to remember anything lately.  Also struggling to keep on top of housework and stampin up work and KayDeeCrafts work while dealing with two kids.  My children are crazy lol.  I am also struggling to keep up with Annika.  She now walks and climbs.  It's crazy.

I am LOSING my battle with trying to get the girls to share their bedroom.  We essentially live in a two bedroom PMQ (Private Married Quarters), because what they say is the "third" bedroom is on the main floor and we use it as a dining room (because there's no room in our kitchen for a table.).  They don't like to sleep together yet.  Annika wakes up crying and then Nora wakes up crying because Annika's crying and she doesn't understand why she's crying.  One day they will both sleep... right?


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  1. Oh that last part sounds awful. LOL. I can't wait to see pictures from your dance stuff!

  2. I have never heard of swagbucks, I need to check that out. And I so understand the last two. I'm off my rocker with my memory and fighting with my two youngest boys sharing the same room.
    Good luck on your dance! That is awesome.. I always wanted to learn how to tap dance.

  3. I LOVE that you do dance! That's awesome. And good luck on that room thing. We had ours in the same room for a year and the same issue, Otto called it, "The crying room," because Loretta would wake up crying and wake him up. So frustrating but eventually it's bound to work out. I mean, the Brady's did it with 3 kids/room, right? haha!