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This week was weird. We found out that Paul's course...well for a lack of a better word, stalled. The airplanes they use to train are all in need of servicing, so he goes into work in the morning and is home again by lunch. Both a blessing and a curse as it throws off my schedule and routine with the girls.


Annika. This little lady takes all of my energy. Not only is she walking, but she's climbing too. And not sleeping. It's loads of fun lol.


The weather here is no fun right now.  Nora was outside playing today with a toque and mittens and a scarf.  It's May.  It should be sunny and warm and there should be no need for winter clothes.  On top of that, it's supposed to snow shower today.  SNOW?? So not cool.


The next month is going to be so busy for us.  I always forget how busy May is.  It's the best month ever for dance teachers and dance students though.  It's usually filled with recitals, picture days, competitions, and now that we are back in Manitoba - I can go watch the Manitoba Provincial Dance Festival.  I LOVE watching this particular competition because everyone totally brings their A-game.  I'm trying to figure out what I can justify going to see... or maybe I should go volunteer this year so I can watch for free.


Things are starting to get underway for KayDeeCrafts.  I'm super excited to be launching this new endeavor with my sister.  If anyone has babies or young girls and you would be willing to do a review for some free product - send me a message and we can work something out!!


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  1. May is super busy for us this year (and it's been chilly, too!)

  2. I'm down for reviewing! And heck no to the snow. Hopefully Annika starts sleeping soon. I can't imagine...

  3. Whenever Annabelle is laying around crying and I'm so tired I thank my lucky stars she isn't mobile yet! lol
    If you still want someone to review something I'm available!