Dance dance dance!

So the past two weeks have been CRAY CRAY at our house lol.  That's really the only way to describe it.  We went away for the Long Weekend to Grand Forks (I swear, there will be a post on that later lol), came home Monday at 7pm and then our week of craziness began.

Monday - Karen Dance - 8-10:30pm
Tuesday - Paul Dance - 8:30-10:30pm
Wednesday - Nora Finale Rehearsal - 5-6:30pm
Thursday - Karen Dance - 5-8:15pm
                - Paul Dance - 9-11pm
Friday - Nora Dress Rehearsal - 4:30-7pm
Saturday - Nora - Birthday Party from 3-5pm
               - Nora - Dance Recital 6pm call time
Sunday - RCAF Run 7:30am (all of us)
Monday - Karen Dance - 8-10pm
Tuesday - Paul Dance - 8:30-9:30pm
Wednesday - NOTHING :)
Thursday - Karen Dance (picture day) - 5-8:30pm
                - Paul Dance (picture day) 9-10:30pm
Friday (today) - Finale Rehearsal - 5:30pm - 8pm
Saturday - RECITAL DAY :)

So yea, sorry about the lack of blogging - but we've kind of had a busy busy schedule lol.

Here's a preview of some of our pictures :) 
This is my ballet class - we are dancing to "Carry On" by Fun
 This is my jazz class - dancing to "A Little Party" by Fergie (from The Great Gatsby!!)
 Little Miss Nora - how SUPER cute is that picture???  I LOVE it to pieces.

Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL weekend and June will be better and far more relaxed... right??

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  1. That picture of Nora is amazing.. seriously so cute. Y'all have been super busy! But sounds like fun!