Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective

I've decided to link up with The Nectar Collective this week for Weekly Wishes on Monday.  It's kind of like my monthly goals but hopefully this will help keep for more accountable :)

1.  Hang up bulletin board in the kitchen.  We have a lot of papers and such that get lost in the shuffle and I would like a place to hang our meal plan.

2.  Put up hanging bars in basement to hang our winter gear.  Living in the cold north (hahaha - it's not that bad but seriously summer can grace us with her presence anytime now), we have a LOT of winter gear, jackets, snowpants, toques, mittens, scarfs, boots.  I have a rubbermaid of boots, a rubbermaid of mittens, etc.  And now I need a place to hang the jackets.

3.  Finish the KayDee Crafts Facebook page.  I have a friend with a local business who wants me to become involved in giveaways but I need to have a FB page to do so.  She wants me for the July giveaway.  I need to get this done.  Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that we just rolled out our new packaging and I think it looks AWESOME :)

4.  Finish cleaning our office.  Someone has been on my case about getting it done.  The same person said that I'm spending too much time on the internet.  So I figure if I can get some schtuff done around the house while the girls nap this week, maybe said person will not be so angry about time on the internet lol.

I think those are some good goals for my first time linking up.  I don't really want to set myself up for failure on the first shot lol.  Hope y'all have a wonderful week!!  And if you're new here, thanks for stopping by!!


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  1. I def need to clean up my work space as well this week, I have papers and supplies EVERYWHERE!. Good luck on your goals!!

  2. Those are definitely do-able goals! Welcome aboard!

  3. Yes to cleaning! I have to get this done so bad.

  4. Welcome to Weekly Wishes :-) good luck with your goals,quite a lot to keep you busy! I'm always having to find places to store stuff, what I really need to do is purge!