Resolutions and Goals - a recap :)

So April was an interesting (okay BUSY) month for us.

Let's recap the monthly goals and see how I fared:

1. Earn 400 Swagbucks - I actually earned over 600, so I was pretty stoked about that!

2. Write and follow blog plan - did not even write one.  So big F on this goal lol.

3.  Plan Annika's Birthday Party - I accomplished this.  And there will be a post coming up about this endeavor.  It was a blast, and I had SO much fun planning it.  If only I could just plan kid's birthday parties for a living... 

4. Empty 1 rubbermaid in the basement - I did not accomplish this, but I did clean my crafting area.  So I was happy with myself in regards to the basement.

5. Hold Cardmaking event - I actually held two.  Only two people showed up to each one, but hey, you have to start somewhere, am I right??  And I plan to do more this month too.

6. Make gallery wall in living room - Nope.

7. Make and Mail 10 cards - sure did - although I also did Annika's baptism invitations, so that took up the majority of the 10 lol.  I made 10 different cards for my card nights though, I just haven't sent any out.  If you want a card, email me  - I'll send you one :)

Now onto my May goals

1. Earn 500 Swagbucks.
2. Make meal plan and follow it.
3. Make blog plan and follow it.
4. Make social package for Natasha and Scott.
5. Choreograph one new dance.
6. Organize front hallway.
7. Make and mail 10 cards.

Now it's already May 7, and I will admit, I have two of these goals completed!!  I won't tell you which ones yet (as they may be included in a future blog post lol).

Happy Hump Day y'all!!!

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