June is typically the month in my household that everything starts to slow down I think June missed that memo this year.  Today is June 1st, and it’s already shaping up to be a busy month. This is what our month looks like so far, and remember, it’s just started lol.

June 1 5 Paul work trip
June 4 Nora Gymnastics
June 5 Coffee Break at the MFRC
June 6 Mom’s group at the MFRC
June 7 Volunteer Appreciation Event at the museum
June 10 Coffee and Conversation at the MFRC
June 11 Nora Gymnastics
June 12 Creative Tots
June 13 Mom’s group at the MFRC
June 13 Camp Kinsley
June 14 Stampin Up Shoebox Swap
June 15 Father’s Day
June 17 Stampin’ Up Catalogue Launch Party
June 18 MFRC AGM
June 18 Nora Gymnastics
June 19 Creative Tots
June 20 Mom’s Group
June 21 McNicol Summer BBQ
June 21 T’s 5th birthday
June 23 Grandpa’s Birthday (my Dad)
June 25 Creative Tots (days switch for the summer)
June 25 Nora’s last gymnastics class
June 26 Learn to crochet class at the MFRC
June 27 Mom’s group at the MFRC
June 28 Nora’s birthday party
June 29 Nora’s 3rd Birthday
June 29 Farewell BBQ at Church

AND that’s only the stuff that I can think of off the top of my head right now.  I always think that we never have anything to do and then I write it out and realize, man, are we ever busy people lol.  I wouldn’t change it though, I love all the activities that we are involved in and I’m sad that dance is done for the summer now.  I’m definitely looking forward to when it starts back up again in September!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy JUNE!!

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  1. Damn you are one busy person!! I am getting tired after just reading that list of events. Haha! Well, you should have a fun month ahead!