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So I kind of dropped the ball last time I linked up and I never recorded how I did with my wishes lol.  So here’s a small recap:

1.    Hang up bulletin board in the kitchen.  CHECK MARK!  Did it!!
2.  Put up hanging bars in basement to hang our winter gear.  Fail. Did not complete.

3.  Finish the KayDee Crafts Facebook page. 

4.  Finish cleaning our office. 
I feel as though this is a fail and win.  It was clean.  It is no longer clean now.

Now onto this week’s wishes:

1.   Make June meal plan.
2.  Make one banner for Nora’s birthday party.
3.  Start brainstorming invitations for Nora’s birthday party.
4.  Clean office (again lol)
5.  Clean kitchen counter off and get rid of all the extras that are collecting on it.
6.   Hang calendar project (more to come on that one!)

I feel as though these are pretty attainable goals this week.  It is a bit harder as I don’t have much of a break from the girls right now.  Too bad everyone else can have a summer vacation but my darling husband is on course so they might not even get leave this summer.  Oh well, we will have an awesome summer anyways!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week y’all!!

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  1. You can always resort to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for that invitation. Sounds like an exciting week to me!