Busy busy!

So hubster is back home now, which is all kinds of awesome but it means we've been busy busy lol. And it started with the most awesome purchase we have made in awhile:

My new bicycle!!! I am so in love with it. It's an Electra Townie and it is so comfortable to ride. The only downfall to this bike is that on our way home from getting it - our check engine light on the van came on and now the van is driving all funky. So we have to take it in to the dealership on Tuesday to get it checked out (that's the first available appointment they had - boo!)

Then today, after a bike ride to the park, we went to the Manitoba Museum for the 17 Wing MFRC/PSP/SISIP volunteer appreciation event. It was awesome. And we won a super cool door prize - tickets to a pre season Winnipeg Jets game! Nora was so cute when we won because she picked the prize out of the bucket. She did this crazy shaky thing that she does when she's super excited and screamed ooh the jets!! I love Buffy. (If you're not a hockey fan - she's talking about Dustin Byfuglien lol). And after the speeches, prizes, and free lunch, we got to go through the museum, watch a Bug Bird show at the Planetarium and play in the science gallery. It was an awesome day.

Nora and Grandpa looking at sea creatures

Annika loved everything. And she was in her Squeaker shoes so we always knew where she was lol.

Nora and Grandpa on the way to see the HMS Nonsuch.

I love my family!!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend too!!!

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  1. I so want some of those squeaker shoes for Grace! Where did you get yours?! Also.. I love that she yelled that when she picked the prize. Haha. What a cutie! And now I also want a bike!

  2. When Emily can walk I fully intend to put her in squeaker shoes. They are so cute!!! It looks like you had a fun adventure =)

  3. I have been wanting a bicycle so bad!! I think once I'm not pregnant anymore, I'll have to go out and get one..