Oh Hey Friday!!!

Oh hey Friday!!

Thought I'd participate in a little link up love today.  This is one of my fave link-ups and I have definitely missed participating in it.  I have a bunch of randoms to talk about today, so I'm just going to jump right in with them lol.

1. I HATE posting season (what you American's call PCSing).  This year is a tough year for us, we are losing many of our friends to new locations.  Normally, it's not too bad, but Nora is finally old enough to realize what is happening and it's breaking my heart.  The first to go was our darling Miss Maurina - Nora's nursery school teacher and childcare provider at the MFRC.  Both Nora and Annika still ask if she's going to be at group whenever we are driving there, breaks my heart, especially when little Annika randomly looks at Pete the Cat and say - I miss Mauwina - in her adorable little voice. I have a whole post planned for this next week about how I'm having a tough time this year dealing with this.

2.  I'm jealous of my sister.  LOVE YOU THOUGH!  Or maybe this should be I'm jealous of my Mom.  My Mom is going down to visit her and I'm super jealous of the abundance of Chick-Fil-A, Sonic, Target, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, and everything else USA she will get to experience.  Also, I will miss her adult conversation at night.  Thank goodness for Facetime and Skype - I think I would be lost without it.

3.  The wading pools are open!! Praise the Lord!!  I don't know why but most of the wading pools here in the city didn't open until the 2nd of July.  And it's been pretty stinkin' warm here for the past couple of weeks.  We had a chance to check out the closest one to our house today and it was super nice, not a lot of shade around it but there were only 5 children there.  Total.  That's 5 including my 2.  Which is great when there's only 1 of me watching them lol.


4.  I hate waiting.  I'm a really impatient person.  I had a job interview yesterday and I won't know anything until Monday.  That's still at least 48 hours away from right now.  (Depends on when you actually read this lol).  Either way I would like to know how I did.  I had to do an Excel test.  I did okay I think, not the best that I could have but not horribly lol.

5.  I wish my children would sleep in their own beds.  I finally broke down and put the air mattress on the floor of our master bedroom so that when Nora comes in, she just goes straight there.  I can't handle both of them in the queen bed.  There's just not enough room.  And poor Annika has fallen off the bed a few times because of it.  Nothing fun about waking up on the floor (or waking up because someone is crying because they are on the floor lol).  Anyone have advice on getting them to not come into our room?  We tried putting a gate across their bedroom door.  We also tried them in separate rooms, then moved them into the same room, but now everyone ends up in our room.  Or should I just start working on Paul so that he will buy us a King Size bed??

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! 
And to my Canadian friends, hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. Hope you got good news about the job. It's your turn to visit down here again!

  2. Hope you got good news about the job. It's your turn to visit down here again!