Monday Monday.....

Mondays are usually a very long day for me, but today I was lucky.... the town I teach had an "ice" day so the buses weren't running so I didn't have to drive out there to teach dance. It was weird because it was actually super nice where we live, it rained this morning, then turned into a bit of snow and then it was sunny out. Crazy weather here lol.

I've been feeling pretty good lately - starting to get a bit more tired all the time - Baby Bear is a mover so sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night due to kicking. Baby Bear has also been hibernating in my rib cage so it gets a bit uncomfortable at times. Love the kid to death already but seriously... my ribs??? I guess it could be worse, right?????

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  1. I miss Ontario weather. It's so hard to have a life in Cold Lake with a small child. It's WAY to cold to take her outside. I just want summer.