SOMEthing's Drawn!!

Linking up with the Lovely Major K again (I seriously love writing that, it makes me giggle - see for those of you who don't know, it's Mrs K and Captain J but according to my fam - the woman is always one rank higher than her hubby - that's why she is Major K to me!)

 Picture Number 1 - Hula Hoop - pretty straight forward I think...

 I'm getting SUPER good at drawing toasters...weird claim to fame lol.

 My pirate - with his peg leg, hook hand and eye patch.
I had no idea how to draw this one - and honestly I haven't played for awhile... so I hope that whoever this was for understood what I was going for lol.

See ya next week!!

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  1. That's a good toaster. And I love that I'm Major K. I try to remind my husband often ;) I'm glad you linked up!