Project 365 - Week 22

So in sad news - the lovely Laura at Between the Lines is no longer doing a Project 365 link up because there wasn't enough interest anymore, but I decided I'm still going to keep trying to do it myself (and yes, technically I'm a day late lol but still).  
And I'm still going to keep a little shout out to Laura at the top too because she has a pretty awesome blog :) 
Day 148 - Eating some dinner :)

 Day 149 - Hanging out at Daddy's baseball game :)

 Day 150 - Nora is 11 months old today and was VERY tired after playing in her crib lol

Day 151 - Sharing Cheerios with her bf Desmond.
 Day 152 - Eating waffles on the chair like a big girl - wearing her SUPER cute I Support Daddy Tshirt :)

Day 153 - Hanging out with Bella - her best friend.  Bella is so great with her, Nora pretty much mauls her on a regular basis and Bella just puts up with it, it's awesome :)
Day 154 - Nora went to her first dance recital ever today.  Dreams In Motion (the studio I taught at last year) had their year end recital, so I dressed Nora up in her tutu and ballerina legwarmers and brought her.  She did AWESOME!  She stayed awake during the whole show, danced along and only cried once and it was only because she dropped her water.  I'm VERY happy with this :)

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