Friday's Letters

Dear Time:
Please slow down.
Thanks, Love Me.

Dear Blog:
I swear I will write again - it's been a crazy two weeks filled with 3 birthdays, 1 baptism, a trip to the lake today, 2 in-laws, 2 parents, 1 sister visiting and a whole lot of stuff.  Next week, it's just me and Nora at home.
Love, Busy Bee Me

Dear Nora,
OMG.  My little baby is 1 now.  You had an awesome party (post to come on that awesomeness). And now you're walking.  And you can sign please and all done.  And eating big girl food and drinking milk (but thank goodness we still bond of bf'ing at night lol).  I love you more than words can say.
Love, your Momma.

Dear Husband,
The week from H-E-double hockey sticks is almost over.  Love you lots.
Love your wife

Dear Mean People who can't be named,
You frustrate me, you anger me, and you make me very upset for my baby.  I wish you would open your eyes and realize what you are doing, but I know you never will.  I have come to terms with this.  I will never be able to please you.  And honestly, this past week has made me realize that it doesn't matter anymore.  As long as my baby girl is happy with how I parent her, that is all that matters.
Sincerely, Pissed off Mother Bear.

Dear World,
Can I please take a nap?
Love One Tired Karebear.

Dear God,
Thank you for all your wonderful blessings.  And the blessings in disguise too.  I know you have a master plan and I just need to trust in you a little bit more.
Love, Karen


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  1. Happy birthday for your daughter!


  2. Happy belated birthday to your little girl! And yes, time DOES need to slow down sometimes!!!

    Sorry to hear about all of the mean people getting you down! Just keep in mind that you are doing the best for your daughter and if anyone else has a problem with it, it's just that... THEIR problem! :)