Monday Madness

So Monday Madness is done for another week.... I taught ALL day today. And boy am I tired lol. Having that week off sure made today a little bit harder to get back into the swing of things with teaching, but I managed to do okay. Finished off my one nighttime teaching contract and next week on Monday I finish my other big contract.... and then, I don't know what I'm going to do with all of my spare time lol. I'm probably going to try to pick up lots of shifts at Carters and maybe at the gym. Plus my normal teaching gig at the studio... and my stamping stuff... and maybe cookie making. I've been following some pretty awesome cookie blogs and craft blogs... it makes me SUPER excited for my year of MAT leave lol.

In crazy news, only 99 days until I give birth... or until I'm "supposed" to give birth. OMG. We're down to the double digits folks, it's CRAZYYYYYY lol. I'm starting to get SUPER excited though, I just want Baby Bear to be here so I can have fun with him/her. My Dad is coming into town on Wednesday for a quick visit and he's going to do the "needle/thread" test which will supposedly tell us if Baby Bear is a boy or a girl... and my Dad has NEVER been wrong with this test, and I've seen him do it many, many times. And then in 1.5 weeks, my Mom and Panda Man's sister and his parents will arrive just in time for my crazy huge baby shower.... over 50 people have been invited! Yikes! I hope that we get some of the stuff off of our registry, because so far NO ONE has purchased anything lol.

Well it's getting late (10:12pm - I'm pregnant - I'm allowed to go to be "early" lol), so I'm off to sleep until I get woken up by kicking at about 4:45am!! Happy Monday to you all!!

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