Letters for Friday

Linking up for some Friday's Letters :)  My first time ever!!

Dear Job Interview - I totally rocked you.  I know I did.  I'm sorry that the position might not be the right fit for me right now.  I think I need to stay at home with my baby - I'm not quite ready for full time work yet.  But I had a blast!

Dear Nora - Don't worry, Mommy's not going back to work yet.  We can still play ALL the time and have snuggles on the couch and pyjama parties after Daddy leaves for work :)

Dear Husband -  Thanks for supporting me no matter what I decide to do on the work front.  I appreciate your love and support every day.

Dear Universe - if you could kindly be with my sister this weekend, I'm sure she would appreciate it.  And if you could help things to go smoothly, I'm sure she would also appreciate that.

Dear Kitchen Dishes - Could you please wash yourselves?  Thanks so much.

Dear Laundry - Like the dishes, can you fold yourselves please?  I would kindly appreciate it.

Dear Blog Land -  Could you help me figure out how to make my blog look prettier?  I want a new look, but I'm not sure what, and I'm not sure how and well, now that I have no money coming in, I would like something either very cheap or free.  Thanks muchly :)

Dear Friday - Although you started off rough, thanks for giving me a wonderful afternoon and a great evening.  Now if you could make sure my baby sleeps all night, that would be SUPER awesome too!!  Thanks :)

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  1. hey! thanks for linking up! welcome-- hope you had fun doing it! also, I will be giving away a custom blog design on my blog next week so stay tuned! that wold definitely give your little space a facelift!


  2. I would just suggest a new blog header.. then you can use blogger itself to design everything else. :) I have a few people I could hook you up with. Or I could put something together for you. Whichever.