Project 365 - Week 16!

Linking up with the Lovely Laura at Between the Lines for WEEK 16!!  Can't believe how fast this year is flying by already.

Day 106 - Someone tried waffles for the first time today.  I think she may have liked them... this was all that was left lol.

Day 107 - Our haul from Buying Day for Carter's Oshkosh :)  Someone is totally set for the summer, and fall, and next spring and summer too, oh and our winter vacay to Jamaica lol.

Day 108 - Park time with Daddy, Mommy and Zachary.  She went down the slides (with some help from Daddy) and absolutely LOVED it.

Day 109 - Wii remote or phone case... which do I want??

Day 110 - I like remotes.

Day 111 - Nora got a Wubanub from her Auntie Danie today.  She loves that thing - it helps that it's a giraffe too. 

Day 112 - Cosmic Bowling with Daddy and "Auntie" Laura and "Uncle" Bill.  It was a little bit too much for her we think, we bowled for an hour and then all came back to our house for some bevies.

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  1. Waffles and slides!? What a big girl :)

  2. Look at all that loot! Looks like your scored some great deals :) haha fun pictures, enjoying your blog!