Oh what a day!

Linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew

SO WHAT......

- if I cleaned as my "relaxing" night

- if my little girl is little... she eats lots and is quite happy and healthy

- if it took 9 months for my baby to get her first tooth!!  Yup that's right folks, she finally has a tooth!

- if I have an obsession with pens, I just bought some new Papermate gel pens, they rock.

- if I don't want to give my baby formula yet, I'm just not ready.

- if I'm doing 2 link ups in one post lol, it's my blog, I can if I want to lol.

Onto link up numero deux... (that's number two in french for those who were wondering).

I'm also linking up to Mrs K and Captain J for Somethings Drawn... I love Draw Something... it's my newest game obsession.

This is my rendition of Quarter.  I drew all of my Canadian change - this was for my sister, so she knew what the moose on the back of the money meant lol.

That's my x-ray - looks not bad :)

And this was my sis-in-law's attempt at Nemo.  I can kind of see it... but I was looking for fish first lol.

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  1. xray is pretty good! I don't know why but I'm always scared to draw that. haha Good work, my friend. Thanks for linking up!

    P.S.- Baby K still doesn't have any teeth poking through and 9 months is coming up. :)